Hi! I'm Haley!

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love my work, so let’s make sure you love me too!  Personality is key. Especially for a wedding….I’ll be with you ALLLLLL day. And for boudoir…I’ll be up close and personal fixing stray hairs and crooked straps.  And headshots…I have 5-15 minutes to get YOU to come out and be real in your photo.

If you can laugh at the memes below, you can laugh at me. And if you can laugh at me, you can probably laugh with me, and if you can laugh with me, then you won’t be stressed out, and I’ll get better photos.  BOOM.  Meme Science.

A few facts about me...

  • I started shooting weddings professionally in 2006.
  • I have 2 mini Shandros, and 2 bonus minis, and 2 dogs, and a ginger. My house, and heart, are very very full.
  • I have my MSC in Biochemistry
  • Maui is my favourite place in the whole wide world.
  • I'm utterly obsessed with turquoise.
  • I'm an ambivert!

My sense of humor is very....

I stand against inequality, racism, and injustice. I am committed to working in my local community to promote equality and tolerance, and to treating each and every one of my clients with respect, compassion, and understanding.  I’ve been very fortunate through my photography to work with and learn from people all across the world, from all different backgrounds, countries, religions, races, and identities, and to celebrate all of the beautiful diversity that is LOVE between human beings. I remain open to educating myself, learning from my community, and doing whatever I can to make our world better.