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This girl was a joy to photograph – her laugh, her spirit, hers was a boudoir session with attitude!  Let’s talk wardrobe for a minute.  I really like how she chose cohesive outfits that were all different, but still similar. The lace suited her so well, and was super feminine for her.  Her delicate tattoos peek out here and there!  Being able to throw on a cozy cardigan instantly switches up the look to a softer style.  

I encourage all of my clients to bring a few options, and to ask lots of questions beforehand. I can help with suggestions!  The most important thing is that you choose something that fits well (so make sure to try it on ahead of time!) and makes you feel sexy and comfortable.  Don’t be scared to size up or down a size – the number or letter on the tag doesn’t mean ANYTHING.  What matters most is that it is a flattering fit.  Different lingerie manufacturers have different standards so don’t get discouraged when you’re shopping!  I’m here to help with advice, and want to make sure you’re as comfortable and relaxed as possible, then we create the most beautiful boudoir photos!

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